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My Story

Fangfang Han is a Chinese-born award-winning illustrator based in London. She studied Illustration at Kingston School of Art. 

Her illustrations are used for a wide range of projects, such as children's books, editorial and advertising. Characteristic of her work is the bold use of vibrant colours and simple forms with hand-drawn and warm aesthetics.


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Awards / Interviews / Exbitions

3x3 International Illustration 2023 No.20  Bronze  Here 

Communication Arts 2023 Advertising Annual 64 Winner 

World  Illustration  Awards 2023 Shortlisted   Here

WIA Showcase Interview 2023  Here

Shoutout LA Interview 2023 Here

Something Sketchy Exhibition 2023 London

Remix International Illustration Fair Beijing, China 2023

Animur International Animated Film Festival 2023

Duplicate Publishing Fair. Birmingham, UK 2023

Shanghai Library. Shanghai, China 2021

Fashion Zoo Magzine 2021 

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