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The Flying Studio

The Flying Studio is  a children's non-fiction picture book that uncovers the fascinating life story of the British photographer and scientist known as 'the father of animation.' Young readers will be enchanted by Muybridge's iconic photographs and groundbreaking scientific achievements that shaped the world of motion and animation. Beyond the lens, the book explores his motion study and intriguing relationships with influential figures of his time. Through resilience and determination, Muybridge protected his inventions and ideas, inspiring young minds to dream big and embrace creativity.

Book cover dust jacket and ending paper 


Young Muybridge left Kingston for New York in 1850s


How Muybridge finds his way into photography


Early photography career in Yosemite Expedition


The technique Muybridge used


Commission work for Alaska expedition


Yosemite expedition


Becoming photographer

US life.jpg

Stereoscopic photography

photography technique.jpg

Yosemite expedition

yosemite expedition.jpg
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